"YahooMailGenius is finally here.
Send mass emails easily with yahoo accounts, ...delayed auto-reply...extract emails from your yahoo accounts... This is a very low cost, but perfect solution for you , read on for more details ..."

We know that you have a big need to send bulk emails  in order to promote your online business, we also know that you need ease of use, fast send rates, high inbox rates and a low-cost solution. OK, cue YahooMailGenius.  

We believe that with the features contained within YahooMailGenius, you will now have a product that you can now rely on long-term:

Feature List of YahooMailGenius

Software Version YahooMailGenius:Pro YahooMailGenius:Lite
Emailing Module

Fast multi-threaded bulk emailing

Http proxy support (public and un:pw)

Auto useragent rotate

Send seed emails

Load suppression list from file

Save sent emails list, and also "not sent" emails queue

Send emails with attachment

Send emails with random/custom sender's firstname and last name

View send log

Use your decaptcher account for blocked sends

Variable wait times between sends

Email Template and Address Management Module

Add/Edit multi-emails to one email template for one campaign

Add/Edit multi-email templates for multi-campaign

Send email with different attachment in different email templates for running multi-campaign at the same time

Use variable to edit emails, so that program can generate different email automatically every time to send

Load recipients' emails address from txt file

Load recipients' emails address from csv file

Use csv file for to include, city, url and title

Email Account Management Module

Load and save yahoo accounts

Remove disabled accounts automatically

Rotate accounts to send emails automatically

Set the max send amount for one account

Auto Responder Module

Use keyword filters to get emails and send replies settings

Checks inbox AND spambox for replies

Multi-threads and http proxy support

Delay auto reply

Reply once only to one same sender

Reply with attachment

Run send and reply modules together

You can add different reply email templates for different campaign and run multi-campaigns at the same time

Support and Updates 

Free support via email and IM

Free updates



One Time Fee


One Time Fee


OK,There is no sale page, there are no more words.The concept is simple, the software is powerful. Get it now before the price goes UP!!!

Best Regards,
BlackHatAutomation.com/YahooMailGenius Team

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